Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Links to my published stories:

You can read these free online:

, a flash-fiction dream or nightmare, was published in Paper Butterfly Fiction in April 2017. Read it here:

Tell It Slant, a speculative flash piece about a pair of storytellers in an insurgency, was published in Crossed Genres in March 2014. Read it here:

The Way Out, a flash piece about kids, distress and imagination, was published in Forge Journal in October 2013. Read it here:

The Glass Hill, a flash fantasy piece about a rather unusual escape from bullying (and the dangers therein), appeared in Plasma Frequency in 2012. Read it here:

The Wood-Maiden, a longer story about development and first contact loosely based on the Polish folktale with the same title, was published in the summer 2012 issue of Rose Red Review. Read it here:

Salt, a longer fable loosely based on the Grimm tale The Goose-Girl at the Well, was published in Scheherezade’s Bequest in December 2011. Read it here:

Toad Sister, a flash outtake on Perrault’s fairy tale Diamonds and Toads, was published in Daily Science Fiction in July 2011. Read it here:

You can read these too if you buy the books or magazines where they appeared:

The Uses of Disenchantment, an offtake on the tale of Jorinda and Joringel, was published in Spring Song Press's Still Waters anthology in winter 2017.

Stairs to the Sky, the history of an unusual artifact--or possibly of belief--appeared in Holdfast Magazine's summer 2017 anthology. [Currently unavailable--sorry]

The Usual Price, a peculiar fairy tale about the costs and benefits of wishing to appear heroic, was published in Flame Tree Publishing's anthology Heroic Fantasy Short Stories in summer 2017

Humanity, a soft science fiction fable about the dangers of dehumanization, was published in Mythic in December 2016. Buy a copy of the magazine here:

Another Man’s Cure, a fable or farce about expert knowledge, desire and contempt,  was published in Pole to Pole Publishing’s In A Cat’s Eye anthology in October 2016.  Buy the anthology here:

We Have Met The Enemy,  a dark political fable set in the US under a then-imaginary Trump presidency,  was published in the ebook It’s All Trumped Up in October 2016. Preview/buy the anthology here:

Cracked Reflections, a historical magic realism piece about fear, personal and political, and what frees us from it, was published in Enigmatic Mirror Press’s anthology Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith in August 2016. Buy the anthology here:  (also includes free sneak peeks at all the stories)

She Who Makes Us Free, a historical fantasy story set during the Bread and Roses Strike and the Palmer Raids in Massachusetts (1912-1919), was published in Uffda Press’ “King of Ages” in August 2015. Buy the anthology here:

Sea-Changes, a contemporary fable about loss and memory (and dragons), was published in Cabinet des Fees’ “Something Rich and Strange: Tales from the Sea”in August 2015. Buy the anthology here:

The Mind Has Mountains, a fantasy story about refugees, trauma, mental illness and healing, was published in The Mythic Circle in 2013. Buy the magazine here:

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